The enterprise market just saw another big deal in the current market of SaaS (Software as a Service). The deal between  Salesforce a CRM leader that acquired the visualization firm Tableau for close to $15.7 billion. SaaS stocks have been one of the hottest in the market of IT technology for several months and lot of these companies are trying to gain the edge with adding features that are all set to make an impact. The Salesforces acquisition deal for the Tableau is one the highest deal, and it means that more and more enterprises from the sector will look to go for the buying cycle.

Ray Wang, founder, and research analyst at Constellation Research added in The Final Round that I think we are still at the midpoint of that acquisition cycle and heading towards an upward trend. Part of the reasons is because most of the organizations haven’t seen the required growth over the course. There is still a lot of investment in the B2B business side and because of that investment you see from the companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Google, IBM, and SAP are still in the mode acquisitions. It will make the market more interesting and versatile.

Another main reason that affects the SaaS spending spree is the rising demand for vertical integration in the space wherein the platform providers like SaaS in CRM is seen a rising for the demand of other features that can be seen with Tableau as the client requirement keeps changing. It’s all about big data and the rising acquisitions that is affecting the enterprises that deal with data and need of a statistical tool in addition to making sense of the data. The next thing that we might see in the next few years is the AI and machine learning tools that are making the enterprises achieve operational benefits with data.