Enterprises world depends on technological invention and how technological invention affects the maximum number of people around the world. Businesses involved in the technology world often say that they are as good as the technology they use. Technological invention over the past decade has seen exponential growth impacting the way technology professionals work or do business. The growth doesn’t seem to slow down as the demand for disruptive technology i.e. faster, smarter and cost-effective than others keep growing.

From automation to machine learning to augmented reality, the 21st century has witnessed the development of impactful digital tech. The digital transformation just doesn’t change the technology of our functioning but it transforms the organizational structure helping them become a better decision maker. Organizations deal with internal and external threats but focusing on them could mean that ignoring the growth options. So technology that helps the decision makers with better insights on decision making are still in demand. The decision-makers also need to understand that employees, customers, and culture actually define the results, not the new technology.

Few of top digital transformations that will be changing the business operation in 2019:

1. Chatbot Improvement:

We all have experienced chatbots at some point in 2018; mostly on an e-commerce website or during the fast-demand buying cycle. The experience with chatbot so far has been frustrating as it lacks the human language understanding. With this experience in hand, organizations are experimenting with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analytics.

The new NLP would shape up the interaction industry. Selling any product or service that requires human interaction to an optimal level without any complicated decision making would be replaced by the chatbots. Currently, the use of chatbots is restricted to the service-based industry like order acceptance but by end of 2019, it would reach 40 percent for all types of large businesses. Many of the current workforce that is working on providing chat services to customers are alarmed. But organizations will up-skill the workforce to shift them towards a new vertical.

2. Connecting to the Cloud:

We have seen the development of cloud for a very long time with three types of cloud tech- Public, Private and Hybrid. Cloud has thus been the most innovative technology transforming the data storage in businesses. Cloud technology has grown in-demand to meet the changing demands from different industries. Cloud has been adopted around three different verticals whether as an infrastructure, service or platform.

Organizations are demanding cloud for various reasons to meet their cloud-source storage, networking, security, or app deployment. We also saw many major acquisitions across the industry VMware acquiring CloudHealth Technology, HPE with acquisitions of Cloud technology partners and the biggest being IBM acquiring RedHat for $3 Billion. There also has been increased understanding for the use of cloud tech with environments running public, private and hybrid.

3. Blockchain:

Bitcoin a digital crypto-currency that made the term Blockchain technology famous among the common people. Though understanding the usage of blockchain for the current applications is still quite complicated but we are taking steps in the right direction. Many tech leaders have suggested that adoption of the blockchain can be eased out as we create simple plug-and-play option. The financial industry is closely observing the development of blockchain as it would ease out the current infrastructure cost and create a secured layer around financial transactions. The year 2019, would be very exciting for blockchain as it’s still in the development phase.

4. Analytics to AI and Machine Learning:

Data is the key for organizations that want to make decisions that affect the growth of the company positively. As the data, harnessing power increases for the organizations it would be exciting to see the implementation of the Analytics. Analytics would be combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide better decision making of the leaders. Data utilization is currently low but with the massive demand for personalized marketing campaigns by the consumer, would make it obligatory to adopt Machine learning and AI.

5. IoT implementation:

The concept of smart cities and autonomous vehicles would be closer to reality in 2019. This would further increase the demand for IoT devices and edge computing. Analytics and data creation will be real-time and this would require edge computing support. Edge computing and cloud have been currently used to make better utilization of data.

Though it might seem difficult to predict that which technology would transform which industry but being an early adopter always gives you the opportunity. The early adopters have the experience to make better decisions and reduce the incumbency of learning. To know more about the best technology practices, you can download our whitepapers.