Well! Well!..this is going to be interesting…

Enterprises could benefit from the cloud in an all-new way that meets their present and future needs for speed, innovation, performance, control, security, and agility. Thus, helping maintain the value of present enterprise IT investments.

In this scenario, the cloud has emerged as a favorite way to boost innovation and business. According to analysts, about 75% of enterprises will close their conventional data centers in the coming years.

Think about the reason..

Yes, you are right. The reason is cloud services offered by several organizations, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Cloud services will allow you to develop and run a huge range of applications and services in a highly available hosted environment.

Ready? On the count of one….get set….dive up to the cloud!

Let’s meet the all-new and enhanced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)…

What is OCI?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a cloud services infrastructure for organizations that provide the highest control level. This is because it helps employees to manage more in-depth data into the cloud stack than ever before.

It is a single and comprehensive platform that offers capabilities such as Data as a Service (DaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). With this enhanced platform, OCI can handle massive data and data-intensive workloads with improved security.

For enterprises transitioning from on-premises data centers to the cloud, OCI is an ideal solution.

OCI provides on-premises, high-performance computing power to run cloud-native and organizations’ IT workloads. Also, it offers real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle’s serverless compute, autonomous services, and integrated security. Also, OCI helps organizations manage their networking, virtualization, storage, and even data centers securely and effectively.

Yes, you heard it right, OCI is the best of both worlds:

  • One gets servers and local storage with the blazing-fast and reliable performance
  • Granular control over business requirements while enjoying the flexibility, elasticity, and cost-savings of the cloud.

Now, you might be thinking, how does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure work?

Here is the answer.

Now, you must know that OCI is powered by the reliable Oracle IaaS platform to offer true cloud freedom to large businesses with huge IT needs.

If your association has not yet been able to take advantage of IaaS just because you face real-time performance needs, strict data governance requirements, large blocks of sensitive data, or dealing with limits such as costs, then you might have wondered about your organization’s longevity in a cloud-driven world at some point in time.

Voilà, there it is! ….the option that fits all your organization’s requirements.

With OCI, organizations can finally select from a vast range of storage and compute options. These storage and compute options include the following:

  • A fully managed cloud along with a backup solution that offers data duplication of important functions and components one need
  • High-performance bare metal servers with incredible NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) storage
  • Reserved high-performance dedicated compute services with robust data lake storage
  • Quickly scalable elastic compute services with variable archive storage

Still not happy with your infrastructure solutions? No worries. With OCI, you can also customize your storage and compute options to meet your exact needs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services

OCI offers a vast range of services, which are categorized into DaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

OCI is the best fit for:

  • Tech-savvy enterprises that have already invested in KVM/VMware, Docker, and other IT services
  • Price-conscious businesses who want to get free from high infrastructure expenses and IT-management requirement
  • Forward-looking organizations that want to enhance flexibility and efficacy with their IT teams
  • Organizations with mission-critical operations

Recent use case- ChildLife Foundation selects OCI

Recently, ChildLife Foundation, a healthcare organization, selected OCI to expand over three million children’s life-saving operations. OCI will support its third-party hospital management system application at a reduced cost.

Final words – your enterprise deserves the best

Now you can see that next-generation OCI and Oracle IaaS services offer a lot more for your business. That is because it was specially designed to meet the needs of enterprises instead of small businesses.

In short, by utilizing Oracle IaaS and OCI:

  • By running non-Oracle and Oracle workloads, one can maximize present IT investments or Oracle cloud investments.
  • One can replicate management and on-premises capabilities or construct entirely new architecture (totally depends on you).
  • As per your on-premises solution, you can achieve the same predictable performance, control, security, and isolation.

You have already waited this long to take advantage of cloud services and benefits, so why delay longer?

Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, where the possibilities are endless!

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