• Alteryx comes with an end-to-end solution with advanced tools in a single package.
  • Alteryx Analytics Cloud will give real-time access to insights into critical decision-making.

Alteryx, A California-based analytics automation platform, announced a unified cloud solution for enterprises, Alteryx Analytics Cloud. In one package, the all-inclusive tool will bring together major company solutions – Alteryx Designer Cloud, Alteryx Machine Learning, Alteryx Auto Insights, and Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud.

Need for Alteryx Analytics Cloud

Today’s businesses are becoming more and more data-driven and are leveraging data warehouses and lakes in the cloud. Hence, a need has arisen to give your employees smooth and simplified access to cloud-enabled analytics solutions, a prerequisite to staying competitive. However, there’s a long way ahead to accomplish this goal. Alteryx commissioned YouGov survey showed that only 12% of the employees could enhance business and change outcomes through self-serve analytics.

Alteryx Analytics Cloud can help overcome this challenge with ease. This suite is a ready-to-use solution that can be set up in minutes. Following this, enterprise teams will have to log in through any browser to get real-time access and critical insights into decision making. Moreover, the solution inside this package is developed on low code/no-code capabilities to ensure that users can easily retrieve the data to overcome the business challenges.

For example, Designer Cloud allows users to generate, process, and manage the data on an aesthetic dashboard. The best cloud-native machine learning and auto insight tools will assist business users in decision-making. The former gives business users an automated modeling solution to design, evaluate, and explore models with an interactive, visually guided user experience. The latter uses AI to spot stories, peculiarities, and valuable insights in your data to understand the processes better. Alteryx is confident that this product will democratize data analytics in any enterprise and ensure employees have access to crucial decision-making insights.

Experts’ view

“Gone are the days when only select teams could have access to analytics. As we accelerate the next phase of our cloud growth, our new innovations will bring analytics to all, so every business can empower every employee – from data engineers and IT to data analysts and scientists to line of business users – to make data-informed decisions using analytics automation,” said Suresh Vittal, chief product officer at Alteryx.