Atlassian launched Atlassian Cloud Enterprise for the ease of large organizations for the software customers. The edition of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is available for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management. It caters to Fortune 500 companies’ needs that require scale, more percentage of reliability, security, compliance, and governance controls.

Cameron Deatsch, Chief Revenue Officer of Atlassian, said that the product would encourage the company to move the customer base from normal to cloud subscriptions. The edition acknowledges the working of Atlassian; it has 190,000 customers, which has scaled within large enterprises.

“Many of our biggest customers don’t have one deployment but have 15 Jira instances,” said Deatsch. “We started with small teams and grew inside, but also realize that there was a compliance burden on them.”

The new edition has some exceptional features and components as follows:

  • Tools that focus on standardizing Atlassian team-level instances, yet there is team-specific customization too.
  • A central admin hub with the ability to configure policies, monitor usage, and assign instances.
  • Collaboration between instances via smart links and app switcher for Confluence Cloud and Jira.
  • A set of marketplace apps for enterprise software and integrations with Atlassian products.
  • Atlassian Access integration for single sign-on, audit logs, and two-step verification.
  • Encryption in transit and security certifications such as SOC-2, ISO 27001, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Data residency for the US and EU, alongside plans to support Canada, UK, Japan, and Australia.
  • It comes with a service level agreement with 99.95% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support, and 30 minute initial response time for major issues. Also, it comes with phone support from a dedicated team.

On Atlassian’s second-quarter earnings conference call, Co-CEO Michael Cannon-Brookes said,

“We’ve had a lot of customers in the early access program for about the last six months, testing that with us. Again, the enterprise edition has high levels of compliance and security standards, data residency, and a whole lot of other features, as well as unlimited instances. So you get unlimited scale. So rather than buying one Jira Software instance and a second Jira Software instance, you get — you pay, obviously, a higher price, but you get unlimited Jira Software instances. That allows you to create and segment your business, as very large companies often need to do.

We’ve been very pleased with that adoption so far.”