Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced new storage solutions with advanced edge and cloud computing at HPE Discover in Las Vegas on Tuesday. HPE is all set to push 2019 as the dawn of Intelligence era with more weight towards cloud computing and flash storage that will soon follow it. Some big announcement was made during the conference on the storage and technology, with HPE Primera the new mission-critical storage solution comes in with guaranteed 100 percent data availability, though Primera does require proactive care and InfoSight Service Agreement as a precondition to getting improved deployment.

At Discover 2019, representatives from HPE characterized the guarantee as a credit of up to 20 percent for that customer for future upgrade and services. Primera, a critical storage solution, improves the performance with an all active architecture that set to bring in the massive improved Multi-node performance and parallelism. The solution accelerates the application performance that includes 122 percent faster Oracle Performance. HPE also claimed that the new storage performance provides 5-minute software upgrade process and 20-minute self-installation.

One of the important announcement came from the HPE edge computing with a ruggedized, secure edge data center for Microsoft Azure Stack an IP55 rated cabinet providing cooling, redundant power supply, cooling, environmental protection, distribution, and automated management.  Azure stack certified hardware allows the organization to run Azure applications from the public cloud that leverage the on-premises HPE offering.  HPE also announced the SimpliVity 325 an AMD EPYC based IU system with flash storage that is all set for the remote offices or in space contained locations. The Simplicity 380 storage optimized node for HDD/ SSD storage with an ability to synchronize copies of data from off-site SimpliVity implementations.  HPE Discover 2019 was more iterative rather than the promised transformative the potential of 100 percent data availability is certainly interesting in terms of companies potential in storage.