On February 16, 2021, Palo Alto Networks said that it was acquiring Bridgecrew, the developer-centric security platform creators. It will be a USD 156 million deal, and it will help Palo Alto Networks extend the functionality of Prisma Cloud security toward the DevOps process.

The company Prisma Cloud aims to help organizations establish a secure connection with office branches and mobile users to the cloud. It also allows adopting SaaS with cloud access security broker and improves security across multi-cloud deployments. With the coming of Bridgecrew, Palo Alto Networks spoke that it will provide more security across the full application lifecycle via a single platform.

The company mentioned Bridgecrew’s infrastructure as code (IaC) as one of the noticeable features. It said Bridgecrew’s IaC offers developers and DevOps teams a way to enforce infrastructure security standards across the complete development life cycle. After integrating with Prisma Cloud, developers will have security assessment and enforcement capabilities throughout the DevOps process.

“Bridgecrew’s product embeds security into every commit, pull request, and build job,” said Palo Alto Networks’ Product Chief Lee Klarich. “In doing so, it alerts the dev teams in realtime and in the tools they know and love so much. This is good for developer productivity – it also helps security teams focus on critical runtime security threats. Both teams win in the end.”

There were updates related to Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks. These updates help the organization secure their remote workforces and boost productivity with a higher user experience. There are also new features, including ML-powered security for real-time attack prevention and IoT security tools for safeguarding devices.