• With the latest unification, Dynatrace is automatically linking event logs and the DEM tool’s session data in one place.

Dynatrace, a Massachusetts-based company that offers an intelligence layer to monitor and optimize application development, performance, and IT infrastructure, integrated two crucial capabilities into its core offering – log analytics and digital experience monitoring (DEM). According to the company, this move will provide businesses with deeper insights into client interactions, leading to better product optimization.

Today, observability technologies are at the heart of tracking client journeys. However, most of these platforms offer isolated data. This means that to get a full picture of what is happening on the end user’s side, siloed teams must manually integrate the parts provided by most of these systems, which isolates data. The process becomes difficult when specific user journeys need to be tracked.

Dynatrace’s unified approach

With the recent unification, Dynatrace is trying to bridge this divide and is automatically tying the DEM tool’s session data and event logs. This makes it simple for development teams, whether they are front-end or back-end, to dig into logs and the precise user sessions that led to learning more about how users interact with the product. Thanks to DEM’s Session Replay feature, the unified data also includes video recordings of each click, tap, or swipe made by the user.

According to Steve Tack, senior vice president of product management at Dynatrace, “Developers have been challenged to understand the link between back-end system performance and front-end user experience as technology stacks have become more distributed and logs and user session data more fragmented.”

“Dynatrace closes this gap by integrating logs, user sessions, and visual Session Replays, making it simpler for teams to guarantee the best user experiences while proactively addressing any problems that might have crept into production unnoticed. Teams can develop quickly and broadly with confidence thanks to our automated, customer-focused approach to software optimization.”