Navis is a supplier of operational technologies and services to the globe’s prominent companies across the shipping supply chain. The company is a part of Cargotec Corporation and discovered a new survey that explores the growing, strong interest among consumers in shifting IT operations to the cloud.

Leveraging a SaaS delivery model lets ports eradicate hidden expenses and unplanned downtime at the terminal and enable terminal managers to concentrate on ongoing operations.

As per the Navis survey, SaaS adoption among industry players is anticipated to grow by 67% in the next five years. The survey also found that market interest in cloud solutions has risen by about 40% compared to the past few years. Moreover, about 79% of respondents may consider moving to the cloud.

The study titled “Understanding Your Terminal Strategy with Cloud-based Technologies” collected information from about 79 Navis consumers, thus providing insight on the present level of interest and estimated timelines for moving their TOS (terms of service) and other terminal applications to the cloud.

Navis clientele is among those vigorously exploring their alternatives and mapping future strategies that include the cloud. After the survey results showed:

  • About 93% are interested to know more about Navis N4 SaaS, and about 62% have already taken active steps, reporting at least some understanding of the offering.
  • About 60% are interested in moving their TOS to the cloud within four years. Moreover, about 23% of consumers are looking at a shorter window of 1–2 years.

Andrew Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer and amp; Head of Portfolio Product Management at Navis, commented: “Cloud-based solutions and SaaS offerings are gaining momentum in the shipping industry. Traditionally looked at as costly and timely undertakings, terminals are opening their eyes to the possibilities these solutions can optimize their operations and save them time and money.”

Further, he added, “Solutions like Navis N4 SaaS provide our customers with the complete package to not only streamline day-to-day operations utilizing the cloud but lay the groundwork for continuous terminal innovation moving forward. As we saw in our survey, terminals are beginning to explore the many benefits that a SaaS solution provides, and we’re excited to partner with our customers as they make this important transition.”

The survey also noticed that majority of the industry still uses on-premise software solutions.

Navis consumers realized the advantages to be achieved by putting the TOS in the cloud. The top advantages expected when shifting to the cloud involve ease of upgrade, cost-saving, and excellent reliability and stability.