Workspot announced the launch of Workspot Watch, a big data trending and correlation engine that gives real time visibility into Workspot’s globally distributed cloud desktop platform.

This engine is deeply instrumented into every layer of Workspot Desktop Cloud, a enterprise proven multi-cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) platform used by IT organizations to deliver GPU (graphic processing units) workstations and virtual desktops.

The engine of real time visibility enables Workspot’s operations team to provide industry-leading desktop Service Level Agreement (SLA). It gives customers much demanded visibility into the security, performance, and availability of Workspot cloud desktops worldwide.

Workspot Watch collects, reviews, and correlates over 12 million records of data, i.e., about 1 MB of data per user per day – from virtual machine agents, protocol gateways, endpoint devices, enterprise connectors, and other control plane services.

The information generated from Workspot Watch powers Workspot’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and gives the operations team the real time view of all the Workspot end users.

The new platform Workspot Watch is equipped with distributed tracking and could track the root cause of any performance issue before end-user. The industry-leading availability and performance of the customers are all because of NOC.

Benefits of Workspot Watch

  • It identifies issues within seconds even before the user gets to know about it and quickly report the cause, whether it is at the level of company, password, gateway, user, network, or even cloud region
  • Since the customer’s data plane is different from the control plane, Workspot will not have access to customer data, thus removes the platform from the scope of compliance audits
  • The new platform has teams that can identify ransomware attacks and mitigate them before they do any damage.

What leaders have to say

Jimmy Chang, Chief Product Officer, Workspot, said: “At Workspot, we’ve always made the success of our customers the most important priority. As part of Workspot’s Desktop-as-a-Service platform, Workspot Watch will play a crucial and increasingly valuable role in ensuring our customers can deliver reliability for the end user computing resources they need, and that their users are happy and productive. They can now make real-time decisions from the data analytics powered by Workspot Watch.”