Ahana announced USD 20 million in Series A funding, making the company’s total raised to about USD 24.8 million since founded in 2020.

Third Point Ventures led the financing that also includes existing investors. The investment will promote innovation across the open data lake analytics space by expanding contributions and engineering to the open-source community. The company is also planning to extend its go-to-market teams soon.

The core offering of Ahana is Ahana Cloud, a fully integrated managed service for AWS. The product features self-service SQL (structured query language) analytics for data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and product managers. It also includes more features such as flexible data sources, in-VP managed services, and Presto-as-a-warehouse functionality.

Ahana Cloud can be purchased using the pay-as-you-go model, so you will have to pay only for what you use.

The list of new features highlights the latest version of Ahana Cloud. These features are highlighted by the ease of use, performance upgrades, better cluster management, and security. It is also introducing new data lake IO caching capability, which can improve query performance too.

What leaders’ have to say

“We’re excited to join the exceptional team at Ahana and assist them in their evolution from rapid, early adoption to substantial market prominence. As we witness the evolution of modern analytics, we’re seeing a new stack emerge adjacent to the data warehouse. Companies need an open, flexible approach to access their data, and the data lake with Presto on top provides that,” said Robert Schwartz, Managing Partner at Third Point Ventures.

Schwartz also added: “Ahana Cloud provides the foundation for this new stack, giving all platform teams the ability to easily use Presto on their data lake. With Ahana, any company can leverage the open data lake for their analytics. This is extremely powerful.”

Ahana CEO and Co-Founder, Steven Mih said: “From day one Ahana has focused on delivering the easiest Presto managed service for open data lake analytics in the cloud, giving data platform teams the ability to provide high performance SQL analytics on their S3 data lakes. As more open source-based companies like Confluent and Neo4j see extreme momentum in today’s market, Ahana’s open source go-to-market coupled with its deep involvement with the Presto Foundation has positioned Ahana as the Presto company and leader in the open data lake analytics space.”

“Since its launch in June of 2020, Ahana has in a short time established itself as the Presto company, bringing a solution to market that enables any team to use Presto in the cloud for their data lake analytics,” said Mark Leslie, Managing General Partner, Leslie Ventures. “Couple that with the momentum we’re seeing in the Presto community, I look forward to even more from the Ahana team as they execute on their vision of the open data lake analytics stack with Presto.”