Highlight – The software is designed to help government schemes see users’ feedback and make the changes accordingly.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) Services Inc. has introduced a new data analytics platform called Tejas to help users analyze data and gather information to make better policy decisions. The new platform can be linked to any database, and users can feed the information they need for analysis.

“You can connect to that data source and prepare that dashboard, which will present the information in a more coherent manner,” said an official. “It also has a social media handler [and] can do predictive analysis. The features available are similar to other business intelligence tools.”

The official added that the service could also be used for analyzing tabular data. “We are enhancing its features further. It can even do a data word map to track what information appears most often.”

The price of the service may vary, and the basic price is about INR 21 lakh. When asked about the privilege for any segment, the official said even the government would have to pay for it.

The software will also help in detailing the list of feedbacks provided to the government for their schemes. It ends the need to write a single line of code for the users.

“Say you want to analyze how many people have applied for particular service, or which community is applying for which services, or how many services require Aadhar, all of this can be done under five minutes,” said a second official.

Taking the product to the next level, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad motivated Tejas’ business analytics tool. He said it would allow government organizations to maximize the potential of data to use policymaking and improve government programs and citizen service delivery effectiveness. At the launch, which happened on January 28, 2021, he said, “PSUs [Public Sector Undertakings] and other organizations can use this tool for data analytics.”