• Quantexa’s mission is to deliver fresh insights based on information to help organizations better detect risks and find opportunities hidden within large datasets.
  • It will empower developers and data scientists to work smarter rather than harder.

Quantexa, a pioneer of Contextual Data Intelligence (CDI), announced the launch of the latest release of its data analytics platform. The platform has been designed to help global organizations gain better insight into massive and rapidly-increasing data volumes.

The new version, Quantexa 2, comes on course exactly like the latest disclosures of sophisticated tax evasions scams – including the Pandora Papers, where investigators sift millions of data to uncover real-world patterns – are disclosed.

The increasing need for intense data scrutiny has become more essential than ever for both law enforcement and corporate decision-making. It’s often difficult for organizations to derive operational intelligence out of large volumes of structured and unstructured data. In such time, decision-makers look to gain fresh insights from the information they can bet on. Quantexa’s aims to help decision-makers find actionable information. This process helps better identify risks and discover new opportunities concealed within large datasets.

Having secured USD 156 million investment in series D, Quantexa has enhanced its best-in-class software platform to enable organizations to transform massive amounts of data points into enterprise intelligence.

Quantexa 2 helps users get more out of their data by introducing new features that boost their control and reduce friction.

Expert view

Vishal Marria, CEO and Founder of Quantexa, said, “Almost every organization today is dealing with the impact of ever-increasing amounts of disjointed data. As the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, it is clearer than ever that better ways need to be found to harvest, accurate, actionable intelligence from this huge corporate resource.”

“With Quantexa, teams are now empowered to use data and see connections and relationships like never before to spot business-critical risk and opportunity. The team has worked tirelessly across the industry ecosystem, to develop the world’s easiest to use and most effective CDI platform, one the C-suite as well as user teams can rely on to gain the insights they would otherwise have missed for effective operational decisions.”

Jamie Hutton, CTO at Quantexa, “So often data analytics tools miss sources which turn out to be very useful for creating the real-world picture behind the data. This could be as varied as news feeds or even human intelligence. At Quantexa we keep advancing our capabilities so our users can see ever further into their data. Our platform empowers developers and data scientists to work smarter, not harder. The effortless data exploration we achieve with this platform will provide a better experience, increased efficiency and greater user adoption.”