Qbeast is a new starburst originating at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) that focuses on the analysis of big data, providing great insights while accessing only the minimal amount of raw data.

Qbeast, being a Big Data cloud platform, gives a “Cubistic approach” on big data. Due to the innovative data storage technology that combines multidimensional indexing and sampling techniques, Qbeast organizes and balances data matching in the way human brains consume it. Qbeast has named the platform- Data Leverage that produces the same insights while only accessing a small fraction of available data.

One of the inventors of the patented technology, Cesare Cugnasco, Qbeast CEO, Senior Researcher on Big Data and HPC at the BSC, said: “Adjusting the precision of data analytics is only possible with our patented architecture that performs Data Leverage. This allows customers to analyze data interactively and up to 100 times easier and faster.”

To possibly manage the data in real-time and provide an interactive experience in the analysis of big data can be done only by accessing the information that humans are capable of assimilating—thus allowing users a two-way conversation with the data management system. Exploring and modifying data becomes possible for people while the system learns and applies the modification statically.

Qbeast was partly developed in many European ventures such as Human Brain Project, I-BiDaaS, and QUAKE, where BSC is active as a partner in technology. Qbeast has managed to speed up data applications in many use cases. Partners in these projects include HBP Brain Atlas, CaixaBank, Telefónica I D, and FIAT Research.