• Talend publicized its upcoming update to Talend Data Fabric.
  • Talend Trust Score will help businesses confidentially use their data to make decisions rapidly that lessen risk and cost, boost revenue, and innovate faster.
  • Services offered are based on technology invented by Stitch Inc.
  • In 2018, Talend acquired Stitch Inc. for about USD 60 million.

Talend announced its upcoming update to Talend Data Fabric, a platform that delivers uncompromised, complete, and clean data in real-time. This new release will concentrate on enhanced abilities within the Talend Trust Score.

Talend Trust Score plays an essential role in assessing the reliability of an organization’s data to help businesses resolve data integrity issues. With this new update, Talend will offer the industry’s first measure of data health that intelligently diagnoses and resolves data integrity issues in on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. Moreover, Talend Trust Score will help businesses confidentially use their data to make decisions quickly that reduce risk and cost, boost revenue, and innovate faster.

The company said, “Data assessed by Trust Score is indexed, optimized and certified for quality to help organizations accelerate their move to the cloud and comply with regulatory rules more reliably.”

“Executives reconciling different opinions can get a score of the health of their data,” commented Gray Hardell, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing, Talend. “Users can gain confidence that their data is trustworthy. Developers want to be sure they can get data that has the most confidence possible.”

The services offered are based on the technology invented by Stitch Inc. Talend acquired Stitch Inc. for about USD 60 million in 2018. It is a self-service data integration organization.

Trust Score automatically indexes data sets as they are loaded to offer a picture of the health of data before it is used. Information can be evaluated in a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments, including prominent commercial data lakes and cloud data warehouse.

As part of Talend Data Fabric, enhancements in the Talend Trust Score include:

  • Assimilation of human expertise and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Trust any data at first peek.
  • Comprehensible resolution and trust.

The service comes into a role when several companies are facing significant issues with their data governance practices because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Data that was once protected on corporate servers have been scattered across an unrestrained mesh of mobile devices, home PCs, and cloud file shares.

“Many companies do some form of data quality scoring but don’t incorporate the full range of options,” Hardell commented. “They’re not taking usage and discoverability into account. You can have a perfect quality score, but that doesn’t mean people trust the data.”

“Without question, data trust is a must when it comes to making decisions that directly impact employee well-being and overall safety,” commented Charles Link, Director of Data and Analytics, Covanta. “We manage a real-time data supply chain from over 40 facilities and having automated, reliable data is essential to our day to day operations. Talend Data Fabric with the Talend Trust Score provides us with an accessible and complete data platform we can trust.”

Talend developed the metric based on input from consumers and interpretations on how individuals level the quality of data sets. “It will be a living algorithm that we can use to improve the data set based on input from customers constantly,” commented Laurent Bride, Talend’s Chief Technology Officer. “Trust Score is the entry point, and then there’s a closed loop where you can continually improve that score.”

About Talend Inc.

Talend Inc. is a frontrunner in cloud data integrity and data integration. The software developed by the company is exclusively used by businesses to transform data.

“Talend Trust Score enables enterprises to operate with confidence in their data, and dramatically improve the reliability and accuracy of real-time decision making,” commented Ciaran Dynes, SVP Products, Talend. “With this release, Talend furthers its commitment to providing organizations with the data integrity necessary to remain competitive in today’s data driven market.”