Seven West Media, one of Australia’s most prominent media companies, has announced an analytics and data science collaboration with TEG Analytics (TEGA), part of the TEG group, to support Seven’s new customer data platform, 7REDiQ.

The partnership will result in the creation of the largest entertainment and lifestyle data set in Australia. It will thus enable SWM to deliver new and enhanced audience insights, predictive modeling, and machine learning capabilities to overwhelm the outcomes for brands across SWM’s connected and digital TV platforms.

7REDiQ and TEGA aim to improvize understanding among more than 4.6 million SWM consumers, with 3.8 million verified 7plus consumers utilizing Ticketek, Australia’s leading lifestyle affinity dataset. The new platform will capture the content consumption of a consumer and provide better brand addressability while enabling promotions across SWM’s digital properties, such as 7plus and

TEGA’s dataset, fuelled by more than 16 million active ticket buyers across Australia, will be matched against SWM’s own first-party audience data, significantly strengthening and providing an intuitive deterministic understanding that Seven holds of its digital audience.

The new customer-based platform, 7REDiQ, possesses the capacity to unlock information of the people and audiences’ profiles against their household composition, life stage, postcode, ethnicity, affluence, and disposable income. With a recent announcement of a collaboration between TEGA and flybuys, one of Australia’s largest customer loyalty services with 8.6 million customers, SWM will now be able to assess the interest of a client through food, beverage, and CPG (consumer packaged goods) categories.

Considering the impact the partnership will have on SWM’s understanding of its audiences, SWM Chief Marketing Officer Charlotte Valente commented: “Our partnership with TEGA is a perfect example of how we are transforming into an audience-centric organization committed to cultivating audiences. 7REDiQ will continually elevate our understanding of our audiences, driving insight, and influencing strategy. This partnership enables us to deliver greater audience intelligence to our partners when it comes to tentpole sponsorship, partnership, and campaign opportunities”.

Nicole Bence, Digital Sales Director at Seven, said: “For the first time, we will be able to offer brands a comprehensive profile of our audiences, with the ability to find and observe their customer within our eco-system. More importantly, it will be accessible via 7REDiQ, an easy to use platform that moves us closer to a truly audience-led business offering brands the ability to ‘Plan, Buy and Measure’ our high-value audiences. An end-to-end solution from insights to activation.”

Andrew Reid, General Manager at TEGA, said: “Our partnership with Seven, which combines data with data services and analytics, complements the increased sophistication of audience buying, brand measurement, and attribution. By supporting the 7REDiQ platform, Seven has an in-house capability to flex with client needs.”