As the country moves into a lockdown due to Covid-19, Poland’s national payment processor, KIR, has teamed up with Cryptomathic to allow people to sign documents remotely.

The eIDAS-certified remote Qualified E-Signature Service (QES) offers non-repudiable, legally binding digital consent in both financial and public services to all the individuals and businesses in Poland.

The new trust service uses digital certificates provided by KIR’s certification center, which has been used for decades for transaction authentication. Cryptomathic offers its e-signature technology, Signer, which enables KIR to deliver a consistent and centralized signing experience.

Elzbieta Włodarczyk, Director, Digital Signature Business Line, KIR, says, “Given the current conditions, we need to be taking every opportunity to create a secure, cashless and paperless world, one that appropriately supports our citizens during prolonged periods of social distancing.”