• Efficient crewing, medical management, payroll, and incident reporting systems are necessary for maritime organizations to deal with post-pandemic challenges. These companies also need to align strategic marketing initiatives.

Adonis, a frontrunning global maritime HR solutions company, recently confirmed the news of agreeing with Tritan Software to offer integrated HR, Health, and Safety solutions dedicated to maritime organizations.

The solution is designed to combine Adonis’s crewing and payroll systems with Tritan’s Health Information and Incident Management platform, allowing cruise and ferry businesses to re-enter the market safely and assertively as the global economy bounces back to life after being hard hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Moving forward, the two entities plan to coordinate strategic marketing initiatives by getting together their global networks and utilizing their respective reputations for providing “best of breed” solutions. These solutions are meant to encourage each other’s solutions and add more strength to their respective market positions.

What does the Adonis HR and Tritan Software solution offer?

The Adonis HR solution allows businesses to host and merge all the crewing, payroll, and HR processes with the help of a central HR database. This helps enhance efficiencies and dexterity between their vessels and the multiple shore side crew pools and shore offices.

Tritan Software’s Health Information and Incident Management platform makes it easy for businesses to effectively manage every element related to medical operations across the fleet of ships, crew members, and medical providers. Furthermore, the solution effectively records and analyses incidents for the areas of health, safety, security, environment, and technology.

The experts’ take

Erick Meijer, Product Director, Adonis, said, “As the global economy begins re-opening, streamlining crewing and payroll with integrated health management and incident reporting will allow maritime organizations to safely re-enter the market and aggressively re-launch their businesses around the world.”

He added, “In a post-pandemic world, it will be critical to accurately capture and report health-related data to maintain robust business continuity. We’re delighted to be working with Tritan. A company we’ve long admired, in aligning our technology and strategic marketing, which will allow us to continue building and innovating, keeping the health, safety, and the well-being of all crew at the forefront of everything we do.”

Nedko Panayotov, Head of Strategic Partnerships, expressed by saying, “Undoubtedly, our combined platform solutions have contributed immensely to the benefit of the maritime industry, and they will continue to promote tremendously positive change across areas that represent critical components for all maritime operators. Tritan and Adonis have proven to be the stimulus for radically improved processes with a positive impact on the countless seafarer’s lives affected by our innovation.”