Automation will soon become an essential part of the business operation, as once Personal computers had become in offices and like machines became an essential part of the manufacturing industry. It’s estimated that by 2022, 76 percent of the enterprises will be adopting the automation solution to ease the manual business operation. Automation is bound to make the routine and repetitive tasks inevitable, enterprises are bounded by the obligation to adopt the new technology or perish.  Even many of the modern salaried employees are seeing a change in their responsibilities as a result of automation.  An online poll was taken were in top technology company employees were asked how their job roles have been impacted after the introduction of automation in business operation- 34 percent said that it’s changed their responsibilities, while 6 percent said that they had to reskill to be relevant in the job market.

Even if the Automation hasn’t impacted your current business operation in the future it will become an unavoidable technology.  According to the personnel today, 38 percent of the enterprises are already using the AI in their workplace, while 62 percent are expecting to be using it within the period of the next two years. Ai will play a big role in transforming the HR responsibilities, reducing the human bias, increasing the efficiency in candidate assessment, improving the compliance, increased adoption of measurable metrics, and improving the work efficiency.   Every enterprise sends a large amount of their revenue on hiring top talents through the HR process using the AI it will be able to deliver a more defined set of talents depending on the requirement.

AI just doesn’t deal with the hiring process; it will also improve the verification process, Chabot’s that can provide a live feed for the application status and the employee development based on the skill requirements. AI will be an extension of current HR professionals improving the efficiency and delivering end to end solutions for complicated HR processes.