Resume Sieve, Inc., an enterprise involved in offering an intuitive candidate evaluation platform to help businesses hire the best faster, recently announced the dates for a public Beta testing period for its product called “The SieveTM.”

The testing schedule is planned to evaluate the functionality of “The SieveTM,” which is an innovative candidate evaluation tool.

As per the announcement, the testing is scheduled to run from February 8 until February 19, 2021. It is open to all interested in enhancing recruitment productivity and getting a competitive edge with sophisticated and well-performing technology in the HR tech spectrum.

With a dedicated focus on small to medium-sized businesses and recruiters, the “The SieveTM” is engineered to enhance the recruitment process, lessen time to fill, and also slashes cost per hire by leveraging a compliant and repeatable scoring and ranking process.

What does “The SieveTM” offer?

The innovative tool by Resume Sieve is designed to eliminate the need for manual resume sorting and evaluation. It also adds to the capabilities of other tools in an enterprise’s HR tech arsenal.

“The SieveTM” also supports businesses to comply with unbiased hiring practices by impartially evaluating resumes from different sources against the purpose-driven criteria defined by the hiring lead.

Algorithms of the tool rank candidates based on their qualifications to confirm that the most accurately vetted talent rises on the top.

Businesses that deployed an earlier version of “The SieveTM” are of the opinion that the upgraded version will surge recruiter productivity up to 70%, reduce hiring costs by 30%, and enhance velocity to hire by 35%.

The Process

Hiring managers, recruiters, and HR personnel involved in the recruitment process may register to become a beta user of “The SieveTM.” The company has designed the beta program to help shape the tool’s functionality development before they introduce it to the market while offering free access to the platform post formal rollout of the tool.

Once the tool looks good to go, beta users will be trained and given usage guidelines on making the most of its features.

P.S: The ones interested in following the updates of the tool can register with the company.

As the employment space continues to deal with the aftereffects of the pandemic, with a large number of resumes coming in for each position, the tool reduces hours of time traditionally spent on manual sorting and evaluation, making it possible for recruiters to process candidates faster, undertake more requisitions, and identify quality hires.

The experts take

Michael Yinger, CEO and Co-Founder at ResumeSieve, says, “Many jobs are filled manually, without the benefit of technology, relying on the time commitment of recruiters, HR Generalists, or even the business owners, taking away time that could be used running the business.” He adds, “The Sieve™ provides a fast and cost-effective way to drive new revenue and improve the recruiting experience for all parties in the process.”

About the Resume Sieve organization

Involved in developing tools engineered to renew traditional recruiting processes and models, the company works toward offering a space for recruiters to encourage collaboration to deliver the best of talent to their organization.