A Belgium-based HR services firm called House of HR recently broke the news of inking a purchase deal to takeover Avanti GmbH, a Germany-based firm with expertise in a wide range of healthcare solutions across Germany.

The sum of the purchase deal was undisclosed. However, it is known that the House of HR will be securing a majority of shares, with management keeping a minority stake.

As stated by the House of HR group, “The acquisition emphasizes House of HR’s belief in the German market’s growth potential and at the same time marks its entrance in the specialized healthcare staffing domain.”

Established in 2000 in Hamburg, Avanti GmbH delivers focused and dedicated talent solutions, recruitments, and secondment in healthcare (intensive care staff, nurses, other hospital support staff, and more).

On the operation front, Avanti runs out of 14 offices across Germany and has an internal workforce of 220 people, and about 1,700 employees operate at over 1,000 customers.

As per the financial record, the company in 2020 recorded an impressive revenue of EUR 70 million.

Note: The acquisition still depends on customary regulatory approval.

Hierarchies post-acquisition

Matthias Hiepko, associated and active within Avanti for over 14 years,  previously the Head of the Medical Division, will assume the CEO role at Avanti. He will report to Roger Lothmann, TimePartner’s CEO, who manages all German activities of the House of HR.

The Head of Industry and amp; Handicraft, Florian Hermes, will play an essential role during the transition for the next six months. Frank Hartung, Founder and Managing Director, announced that he would not be a part of Avanti.

The expert’s take

Rika Coppens, CEO at House of HR, expressed, “We genuinely believe in a strong German market. Also, we are keen believers in the growth potential of the healthcare industry. Needless to say, we are happy to welcome Avanti to our group of happy rebels. We feel sure there will be a perfect cultural fit between our German companies TimePartner, Zaquensis, and their new sister Avanti. We will continue to grow both organically in our European operating companies and by acquisitions, always keeping a focus on Specialised Talent Solutions and Engineering and amp; Consulting.”

Recent announcements

Earlier this year, Belgium-based House of HR revealed its plan to merge two German entities called “TimePartner and Zaquensis” into one new group.

As per SIA’s Largest Staffing Firms in Germany report, the House of HR ranked as the 7th largest staffing firm in Germany while Avanti was on rank 37th.