• Employers now have the facility to manage remote, in-person, and dispersed employees’ health and wellness easily with a single privacy-minded platform.

IntraEdge, the mastermind behind Truyo, the privacy compliance platform driven by Intel, on November 17, 2020, revealed expansion plans of its Health-Check Management Solutions. The development is focused on allowing employers with in-office, dispersed, remote, and hybrid workforces the facility to monitor and manage health and wellness checks of the workforce via a single secure platform powered with Truyo’s independent software offering.

The older version of IntraEdge’s Health-Check Management Solutions was built with a custom combination of thermal sensor hardware such as QuikSense or Janus driven by the Truyo platform. But as COVID-19 changed things overnight, the rise in the number of cases and ever-changing nation, state and county level rules demand an end-to-end solution to confirm the health and safety of hybrid workforces.

The development of IntraEdge’s Health-Check Management Solutions will help businesses conduct and extend the health and wellness screenings to accommodate remote employees, and at the same time, maintain one-on-one screenings for the frontline staff using the Truyo platform. The solution is agile enough to easily adapt to the anticipated increase in the percentage of onsite employees in the coming months.

Dan Clarke, President at IntraEdge, said, “While some businesses are exclusively working remotely and some are exclusively working in-person, the reality is that most are in a hybrid scenario and will be for the foreseeable future.” He added, “Our expanded Health-Check Management Solutions enable these organizations to keep a pulse on their entire workforce’s physical and mental wellness regardless of where employees are working.”

What is Health-Check Management Solution and how does it work?

The Health-Check Management Solution powered by Truyo is easily customizable as per employer needs. At a scheduled time every day, employees receive an email to a secure and exclusive web link designed with a set of questions that help employers with real-time insights into employees’ health factor with Employee Wellness.

The questionnaire is personalized based on a business, and the questions are not limited to temperature checks, coronavirus exposure, recent travel, existing symptoms, mental health, and more.

Employee Wellness can easily be incorporated with the existing HRIS systems to make it easy for employers to set up conditions where a certain response could trigger a follow-up with teledoc options covered by the organization.

For instance, where Janus and QuikSense thermal hardware solutions are extremely suitable for workplaces such as airports and hospitals, Health-Check Management solutions enable organizations with a combination workforce to stay ahead of health trends and maintain the right type of privacy with a one-privacy-focused platform.