IRIS Software Group, a British software solutions company based out of London, and Western Union Business Solutions, has recently teamed up to offer streamlined global payroll and payments solutions worldwide.

The partnership between the two firms focuses on serving the demand for cross-border payroll and currency payments for businesses that operate with a global workforce. The partnership also facilitates in-house teams and specialist providers to offer payrolls in large volumes, as per the press release.

Why does the partnership look promising?

IRIS FMP is a partner in international payroll, payments, benefits, and HR solutions. Nearly 20% of the UK’s workforce is paid leveraging IRIS payroll, says the company. Western Union Business Solutions aids businesses with solutions required to send, receive, and manage international payments across a global network of 200 nations and territories.

IRIS FMP’s technology and experience aids accountants and payroll managers in calculating and processing salaries. And additionally, Western Union’s platform, developed with expertise, offers the capacity to ensure that employees are paid correctly across multiple countries and currencies.