Josh Bersin Academy, the world’s first global professional development academy for HR, has announced its newest program, Resilient HR. The program, developed in collaboration with Accenture, includes practice exercises, theory, video interviews with global HR leaders, timely debates, and 17 supplemental resources in a unique collaborative learning experience.

The Resilient HR program is focused on independent research studies carried out by both Josh Bersin Academy and Accenture. It examines the specific role played by HR in improving organizational resilience in the middle of the global pandemic and beyond.

“Our research shows resilience – built on trust, agility, continual learning, and empowerment – is critical for business sustainability in this uncertain time,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy. “We are working with hundreds of companies from around the globe, and in all cases, HR is leading the charge when it comes to developing and supporting the practices that lead to organizational and personal resilience and wellbeing.”

Details of response practices of more than 150 HR leaders who interacted during the six weeks to discuss pandemic-related challenges are mentioned in the recent Academy report – The Big Reset Playbook: What’s Working Now.

“These conversations taught us that companies all over the world need to learn new practices for resilience, including the ability to operate under ambiguity, enable faster decisions, and promote continual learning,” said Bersin. “It’s clear that today’s global crises are impacting the resilience of not only workers but also the people who lead them.”

“We collaborated with the Josh Bersin Academy to develop this much-needed program to help leaders, and their people, develop organizational resilience to help them to survive and thrive, which is especially vital in this global pandemic,” said Eva Sage-Gavin, Leader of Accenture’s Global Talent and Organization/Human Potential practice.

Although the global pandemic has exposed the value of resilience in times of crisis, the Resilient HR framework goes deeper than crisis response to teach HR practitioners how to incorporate it into their ongoing strategies.

“When the pandemic hit, we developed our human resilience model of physical, mental, and relational needs with trust at the very top,” said Barbara Spitzer, the Lead for Accenture’s Global People Experience and Modern HR. “We’re very excited that through our partnership with the Josh Bersin Academy, we’ll be able to bring this mindset and skillset to thousands of HR professionals worldwide.”

The Resilient HR program is made up of five field manuals, each of which incorporates video interviews with HR leaders, key concepts and theories, practical exercises, challenges, and debates:

  • Acceleration and Transformation
  • People and Culture
  • Technology and Collaboration
  • Process and Policy
  • Leadership and Learning

Moreover, the cohort-based program consists of 17 supplemental resources on topics such as black swan theory, positive psychology, and managing talent peaks and valleys. Participants can also access the Academy’s community, where professionals from all over the world and across all industry segments come together to share best practices.