Employee engagement is the buzzword in the Human Resource (HR) book but it’s time for a change. Employee experience is set to become the new focus for the enterprises that will cover the engagement, culture, career ownership and performance.  Employee engagement is much more focused towards the certain aspects of employees getting to know more about the company and enjoying the employee culture but with the employee experience approach, the enterprises need to focus towards making the journey more favorable.

The mobile first approach was seen everywhere except in the HR approach. HR can apply the mobile approach to improve the experience with the enterprises making them value the interaction. Around 68 percent of the world is on the digital platform using social media channels to communicate.  The employee experience gives HR an opportunity to facilitate the development and value of the employee. The digital employee experience refers to as a sum of total digital experience depending on the interaction between the employees and the social media platforms of the enterprises, it’s one of the first steps that assist the employees to connect with the enterprise platforms.  The major goal of digital engagement has improved the experience for the employees and also projecting the positive environment for the potential future employees.

Many of the current enterprises lack the required engagement strategy to deal with different social media platforms. Currently, only 31 percent of the HR managers said that they felt their organization is looking to implement the new digital strategy using various technologies. While only 20 percent of the current HR managers surveyed said that the current systems are ready for the current workforce engagement.  The need for employee engagement transformation towards the employee experience will assist the modern enterprises to improve the employee lifecycle duration and also create an optimistic environment in the business.