Headquartered in Beverly, MA, US, Altova is a commercial software development company that recently revealed the release of Altova ContractManager (the highly customizable and cloud-based contract management app.)

Irrespective of the number of contracts a firm manages, Altova ContractManager streamlines storage, management, and search criteria of contracts.


Signing up for a centralized contract repository that enables stakeholders to navigate securely through the cloud has several benefits, ranging from time-saving to the more effective management of contracts and related important dates.

The new solution is engineered to deliver comprehensive lifecycle management and templates ready to document contract details, audit log, change, built-in reminders, and more.

This comprehensive solution offers –

  • Centralized contract management
  • Secure file storage for contracts
  • Automatic reminders for critical review dates and deadlines
  • Granular role and group-based permissions to control access to confidential information
  • Search tools to look for contract documents and details in an instant
  • Full audit log and change tracking
  • Alternatives to personalize apps as per requirement
  • Change the hierarchy of containers in the database
  • Ease to add, delete, or change any fields in the forms and database structure even if records are already present in the database
  • Choose from themes to configure your display colors and font size
  • Readily available in reasonably priced monthly and annual pricing options

What’s in store?

Altova ContractManager offers robust and highly customizable tools designed to document contract details, monitor important deadlines, and store contract files. The solution comes at affordable pricing for all types and sizes of businesses.

The solution is offered at an inexpensive price compared to a range of competing apps in the genre. The price ranges from USD 299 per user per year or comes under USD 25 per month when purchased as an annual subscription. The monthly subscription model of the solution at USD 29 per month is also available. Users can get started with the buying process by simply clicking on Manage Subscription in the Altova Cloud.

Additionally, the company offers a 30-day free trial subscription for Altova ContractManager and can be availed within seconds by logging on to https://altova.cloud and creating an account. The process does not require a credit card, and users can start using ContractManger immediately without a mandate to download the software or enter a license.

About Altova

Headquartered in Beverly, US, and Vienna, Austria, Altova specializes in tools that support developers with data management, software and application development, mobile development, and data integration. The inventor behind XMLSpy® and other award-winning solutions is established as a key player in the software spectrum and is a leader in XML solution development.

Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive line of desktop developer software for SQL, UML, and XML with high-performance workflow automation server products and across mobile development platform.

Altova pays close attention to customer needs and requirements and offers a product line that satisfies a broad range of requirements for software development teams.