• AffiniPay’s payment gateways such as CPACharge, DesignPay, and LawPay are now available to BQE consumers in the accounting, architectural, legal, and engineering industries after collaboration.
  • BQE CORE consumers have in-app access to all the industry-specific payment platforms from AffiniPay.

BQE and AffiniPay

BQE, a primary software provider to professional service organizations, declared its collaboration with AffiniPay and the availability of its industry-approved solutions such as CPACharge, LawPay, and DesignPay.

BQE CORE consumers are now eligible to get access to AffiniPay’s enhanced payment solutions. Thus, it allows organizations a modern, easy, and secure way to accept eChecks and credit cards from their clients.

Expert view

Shafat Qazi, CEO and Founder of BQE Software, commented: “We are very proud to partner with AffiniPay and offer BQE CORE customers access to their trusted and highly advanced electronic payment solutions.” Further, he added, “While some firms are uncertain about entering the new world of electronic payments, AffiniPay provides professional service firms with the comfort of knowing that their professional associations and industry leaders have given AffiniPay their seal of approval. This technology has proven to not only improve cash flow and efficiency but increases client satisfaction.”

BQE CORE consumers have in-app access

BQE CORE consumers have in-app access to all the industry-specific payment platforms from AffiniPay. Thus, they can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited support by live chat, email, and phone
  • No need for annual or start-up fees, i.e., USD 0 fees
  • Security from fraud and chargeback
  • No minimum processing fees required
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • No cancellation penalty

The engineering, architecture, and other design firms that use BQE CORE can now access AffiniPay’s DesignPay electronic payment portal.

CPA firms using BQE CORE now could have in-app access to CPACharge. CPACharge is an affordable payment solution trusted by more than 150,000 accounting professionals worldwide. Moreover, it is approved by more than 30 state CPA societies.

Law firms using BQE CORE can now access AffiniPay’s LawPay platform that meets compliance with ABA (American Bar Association) and IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Accounts) guidelines, and it has been accepted by all 50 state bars. The ABA has vetted and recommends it as the payment solution for the legal industry.

BQE CORE and CORE CRM are supported by award-winning, live, global consumer support, with experts on-hand to help consumers use the platform 24/7 for 365 days.