The adoption of the stand-alone Mobile App Management (MAM) software and services has seen a vertical rise as the requirement for the application management for the unmanaged devices increased many folds over the last few years.  According to the new Gartner report by 2021, 60 percent of the mobile apps that will be used by the enterprises will rely on one of the app-level management control.

Mobile App Management that is part of bigger picture Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and offers cost flexibility. The MAM can be used as a cost per user rather than a complete solution for all the devices.  EMM can be used as a solution that offers better security with a single dashboard of control and policy setting.

MAM has better solution management for a defined set of applications rather than complete device management for an access enterprise network. Enterprises need to tackle various technological transformations that will drive the business, and with that the requirement of security increases. For example, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is turning towards the security policy enforcement, such as authentication, single sign-on, encryption, and profiling.

Gartner concluded through the survey that more than 10 percent of enterprises will favor the MAM over the EMM as it doesn’t act as a flexible option. The MAM allows the enterprises to control different features on applications and also the data from the business applications. The current range of products that are being developed for the mobile integration enhances the capabilities from multiple MAM and EMM with new capabilities to combat different security scenarios.

Appdome’s Cloud-based Fusion Platform that has added different capabilities and features from a variety of sources include a complete device management framework for all types of iOS and Android devices. Enterprises are also commonly turning towards the singular MAM tools that can be used for a set of devices along with EMM that can be used for another pair of devices.  Using multiple management framework, enterprises can add multiple layers of security for the administration purpose.