Motorola Solutions is making headlines with its recent acquisition. The company has purchased Callyo, a law enforcement application firm, adding cloud-based apps to its mobile public safety tech portfolio.

The amount of the deal is undisclosed.

Based out of Florida, Callyo operates as SaaS (Software as a service) company, working for thousands of public safety customers across North America.

Callyo primarily has two application suites, 10-21, which are responsible for streamlining communication between first responders such as firefighters or police officers and citizens, and the company also offers tools for digital evidence collection.

On the strategic purchase, Motorola says that the acquisition brings “critical mobile technology capabilities that enable information to flow seamlessly from the field to the command center,” this adds to Motorola’s existing software ensemble for public safety command centers.

What does Callyo offer?

Callyo’s 10-21 Police Phone and 10-21 Video apps fall under the ones listed in the FirstNet app catalog. The 10-21 Police Phone app is engineered to permit officers to make calls to individuals using a local phone number so that people can call back free of cost. The video app by Callyo facilitates on-demand recorded or live-streaming video via a smartphone and comes with peer tune-in and conceal features.

“First responders are increasingly looking to mobile applications to boost productivity and enhance community relations,” said Andrew Sinclair, SVP and GM for software enterprise at Motorola Solutions. “With Callyo’s technology, agencies can improve collaboration and enhance the evidence collection process to build stronger cases more efficiently, ultimately enabling them to better serve and keep communities safe.”

The Motorola acquisitions

Callyo is Motorola’s hat-trick acquisition this year and the second one within the past one month.

Early in August, the company broke the news of its USD 110 million purchase of Pelco, California-based analytics and video security camera company.

In the last two years, Motorola has been on an acquisition spree and since then has cracked six deals, as the company focuses on strengthening various elements in its tech portfolio with a clear focus on video-related technology.

Apart from the Pelco deal, the acquisitions include

the acquisition of the UK-based IndigoVision, which was completed in June 2020. IndigoVision is involved in developing comprehensive security solutions, including video management software, encoders, cameras, and storage devices.

Back in January 2019, Motorola Solutions purchased VaaS International, a data and image analysis-as-a-service firm, for a whopping USD 445 million in cash and equity. VaaS operated as an expert in license plate reading and vehicle location data for first responders.

Next, in March 2019, Motorola Solutions took-over voice-over-IP dispatch provider Avtec. The deal amount was undisclosed.

In July 2019, Motorola Solutions inked a purchase deal. It bought WatchGuard, a mobile video company involved in designing and manufacturing in-car video systems, evidence management systems, body-worn cameras, and software.