• HypeLabs recently launched OkDetect, a worker security management system that helps organizations to keep their employees safe during any virus attack.

HypeLabs is an industry leader in offline mesh networks. The company has recently launched OkDetect, a worker security management system that offers organizations a comprehensive solution to execute a risk mitigation strategy for coronavirus pandemic and other viruses. The OkDetect solution allows organizations to detect interaction and exposure trends, keep employees updated concerning exposure, and manage employee proximity. OkDetect offers two choices to organizations for simply applying an Active Tag mobile hardware or a software-only solution (mobile app).

“This pandemic has crushed the global economy, and we know that the best way to recover is to get people back to work in a safe and manageable way,” said Carlos Lei, Co-founder and CEO of HypeLabs. “With OkDetect, employers can feel confident that their employees have the right tools to help them maintain proper social distancing and keep them informed of vital information to keep them healthy and safe.”

Mobile hardware or app offer alternatives

The OkDetect solution is obtainable on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Even if the mobile is locked and the app is running in the background, one can use enhanced features such as screening and amp; contact detection technology that can locate individuals with the help of random cryptographically created IDs. Moreover, the app notifies staff members to keep social distancing by actively assessing the space among them. It also sends exposure notification regarding team members.

However, few organizations do not allow carrying mobile handsets on-premise. Thus, OkDetect allows the company to choose between Active Tag wearables as an alternative to the cell phone apps. OkDetect Active Tag utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and also has regional storage for contact events and is interoperable between BLE gateway devices, iOS, and Android smartphones. OkDetect’s Active Tag has better accuracy of distance detection (0.5–1 meter), offers real-time user feedback, and enables outdoor use.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), an international professional services network, is the first consumer to prefer the OkDetect mobile app solution, amongst others. PwC’s HR team uses the OkDetect dashboard to manage employee contact data such as device, duration, and time of contact. The app also helps PwC to take precautionary measures to keep their employees safe.

“Our company was looking for a Health Management System that would give our employees peace of mind as they start to resume their work activities,” said Jean-Pierre Young, Partner and Advisory Leader for PwC Mauritius.

HypeLabs has also associated with Cassandra in Southern California to offer personal contact tracking capabilities to several Hollywood studios. This will help filmmakers and other entertainment-related personnel to resume work without any concerns.

“Film and entertainment studios are one of the many industries that require a solution to help employees maintain the correct social distance to stay healthy,” said Paul Doherty, CEO of Cassandra, a distributor for OkDetect. “Utilizing the OkDetect with our solution, studios are able to get back to production, providing much-needed entertainment to viewers across the globe.”

Thus, both hardware and software alternatives are present on the OkDetect website.

Managing insights boost improved health initiatives

The OkDetect HR Portal and amp; Dashboard gives management the power to send recent updates to every single employee of the organization. The dashboard shows updates regarding the health status of employees and sends exposure warnings to personnel who have come in contact with coworkers who examined positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Companies can select the option to keep infected employees’ identity anonymous or not, and thus can use novel security tactics to keep the office safe.