• FirstNet subscribers can now access Sonim SCAN and Sonim SOS Android applications through the FirstNet App Catalog.

FirstNet subscribers could now access Sonim SCAN and Sonim SOS Android applications

Sonim Technologies, a prominent US supplier of ultra-rugged mobility solutions, recently announced that its Sonim SCAN and SOS applications are now FirstNet Certified and accessible via the FirstNet App Catalog. Sonim SCAN and SOS applications are a part of SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software.

Power of FirstNet

FirstNet is America’s first public safety communications platform that features the first-ever App Catalog geared to first responders. It also helps law enforcement, EMS (emergency medical services), and fire service to do their jobs safely and effectively. Further, it allows FirstNet subscribers a committed location to find significant novel solutions that have been explicitly evaluated for use with FirstNet services.

Receiving a FirstNet Certified title means that the Sonim SCAN and SOS applications are heavily scrutinized and are trusted solutions for public safety, meeting FirstNet app requirements. Before adding any mobile solution to the FirstNet App Catalog, it must pass strict tests for availability, security, data privacy, and relevancy. Also, it should get reviewed by the App Review board that includes the FirstNet Authority.

Sonim SCAN and SOS being FirstNet Certified apps, are now confirmed to meet higher resiliency requirements, mobility, and scalability.

Sonim SCAN application

Sonim SCAN application uses industry-leading Scandit Barcode Scanner Software Development Kit (SDK) to turn Sonim’s ultra-rugged XP8 smartphone into a world-class barcode scanning solution. Sonim SCAN usually uses the back camera as the “imager” instead of a proprietary piece of extra hardware. The solution is mainly for frontline workers who must rapidly capture a massive amount of data. Moreover, when combined with Android barcode scanning applications from Sonim’s partners, the solution has:

  • The lowest total cost of ownership
  • Highest reliability
  • Best usability of any comparable system

Sonim SOS application

Sonim SOS is specially designed for field workers. It is a powerful app with an easy-to-use alarm key that provides an array of personalized safety-first options to help keep first responders secure and safe. Sonim SOS is available at zero cost to users of the company’s XP3, XP5s, and XP8 rugged mobile devices.

Expert view

John Graff, Chief Marketing Officer at Sonim Technologies, commented: “Achieving FirstNet Certified designation gives our users greater confidence that our SonimWare applications meet the critical communications requirements needed by public safety.” He further added, “Beyond our FirstNet Ready rugged phones, Sonim is focused on providing a rugged mobility solution with the software and accessories that meet the reliability, safety, and performance our customers need.”

Graff adds: “Sonim SOS adds new value to Sonim devices and is unique in that it’s a free enterprise application that can be customized for each user. We’ve built customization capabilities into all of our SonimWare products to help our customers be productive as well as safe.”