• Wavelynx Technologies partners with Splan Visitor Management, Inc. to embed MyPass Mobile Credentials into the SignInEasy App.
  • Splan is planning to launch this new mobile credential option in February 2021.

Wavelynx Technologies and Splan Visitor Management, Inc.

Wavelynx Technologies recently publicized its new partnership with Splan Visitor Management, Inc. Splan is a California-based company that offers next-generation cloud software check-in solutions for visitors.

In this partnership, WaveLynx and Splan have successfully embedded MyPass Mobile credentials into the Splan Visitor SignInEasy App. SignInEasy App enables pre-registration of visitors or business meetings with approvals and prior notifications. It also tracks and maintains the visitor list and reschedules visitors with minimal effort.

Splan is planning to launch this new mobile credential option to its clients and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners in February 2021.

Advantages of this new integration comprise:

  • Building owners could finally offer an extremely cost-efficient mobile credential to their occupants to issue to visitors.
  • Using Splan SignInEasy App, employees, visitors, and contractors who are in need of lobby-level access may be issued a mobile credential. Further, it will help skip long queues and process at the lobby desk to issue a temporary plastic card or key fob.
  • The Splan access credentials will work on similar readers the WaveLynx integration OEM partner credentials and MyPass Mobile credentials work with.
  • The mobile credentials could be automatically revoked from the access control system through the Splan application upon completion of the visit.

Expert views on app management

Laurie Aaron, Executive Vice President at WaveLynx Technologies Corporation, commented: “The WaveLynx – Splan partnership is very strategic and exciting! WaveLynx has enabled Splan to offer a highly secure, extremely cost-effective mobile device credential as a feature in their Visitor App. Access Control and visitor processing will never be the same following a societal recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, this becomes a game-changer for Splan and for our Access Control OEM business partners.”

Madhu Gourineni, CEO at Splan Inc., commented: “We are very excited about the Splan and Wavelynx partnership to offer next-generation touchless entry experience for visitors and staff.”

He further added, “Digital transformation is happening at a rapid rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and mobile credentials are expected to play a pivotal role in this new era. Splan’s Safe Return to Work initiative has now taken a big step forward enabled by WaveLynx technologies, providing our customers with Touchless Check-in for visitors, vendors, contractors, and employees using Splan’s SignInEasy app.”