Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communication technology along with the infrastructure and smart devices announced recently that its infrastructure solution CloudEngine Switches had won the Peer Insights customer choice award. The award was given by Gartner in April 2019 naming Huawei as a prime provider for the data center networking.  The Gartner peer insights customer choice analyzed more than 200,000 reviews across more than 300 markets posted on Gartner peer insights.  The reviews are analyzed for their complete understanding; these reviews are based on the peer experience of purchasing, implementing and operating solutions.

Currently, in the market, there is sufficient data available; Gartner peer insights recognize the vendors who were most highly rated by their customers through the customer choice distinction. Huawei has been in functional in the market of the data center for quite a long time. Since the launch in 2012 of networking and data center solutions Huawei’s CloudFabric. Cloud data center network solutions have been deployed across many of the current enterprises in close to 120 countries. The customer peer insight customer choice is based on the customer feedback of July 2018.

Huawei unlived its first data center switch based on the AI technology in January 2019. The CloudEngine 16800 is provided with different characteristic value to improve the service with the AI era: Embedded AI chips, 48-port 400 GE high-density ports per lot and the capability to improve the Autonomous driving network. The current CloudEngine switch is based on the principle to leverage the power of the embedded high-performance AI chip and also implement the lossless algorithm.  The switch is designed to assist the customers in accelerating the intelligent transformation by giving the ultimate network experience with zero packet loss. The real test though for the product will be the customer experience as the current switch requirement strongly differs from what we had just one year back.