Not long before, the Microsoft’s Edge browser quit the beta stage. It has turned out to be the second most popular desktop browser in the world. The leading one is Google Chrome that is way ahead in terms of market share as well as the user’s preference.

In the latest report of NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge holds a 7.59% share putting behind the 7.19% share of Firefox in the desktop market. But Google Chrome still holds a large pie of the market at 68.5%.

Microsoft made efforts to revamp its browser front with the EdgeHTML–based Microsoft Edge post the reactions received on Internet Explorer. The switch to Chromium-based Edge was majorly done after experiencing the mixed reactions toward Microsoft Edge and witnessing the growing success of Google Chrome.

Now, being based the Chromium engine, the new Edge browser can utilize all the extensions that developers have designed for the Google Chrome browser. Needless to mention, Google Chrome has the most extensive market compared to any other browser.

Giving it an edge

Microsoft OS runs on more than a billion systems around the world. However, it is now pushing the Chromium-based edge to all systems, calling it as an update of Windows. Due to the rising popularity and indirect recommendation by Microsoft Windows, the number will only seem to rise in the coming months.

Microsoft is actively looking to push the users of the browser to install the new Microsoft Edge. Very Interestingly, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 commands a 5.65% share of the market, and it recently dropped support for IE 11 on Windows 7. Only the customers and companies that are still using IE 11 may choose to extend the support of up to three years.

So far, Microsoft Edge has not only been an amazing performer in terms of speed and action, but also an epitome of security and privacy features.

Apart from the fact that how Edge and Chrome stand in the market, there has been a consistent war between Microsoft and Google. It is also evident that Microsoft Edge’s growth has not gone without pricking Google. And to its response, Google has warned the users of Edge against installing Chrome extensions on the Edge browser. To put in layman’s words, the new Edge browser is Google Chrome with the skin of Microsoft.

No wonder, Chromium-based Edge has turned out to be the second most popular desktop browser in the world.