Sparkle is a top ten international service providers globally with around 530,000 km of optic fiber covering all continents. Sparkle in fully owned by the TIM Group that leverages the global IP, different types of data, cloud, voice platforms. It provides a full range of ICT solutions to the Internet Service Providers. Sparkle has active solution partners across 36 different countries.

Sparkle recently enhanced its ERP infrastructure solutions with the introduction of SAP HANA hardware, situated in the Istanbul Data Center, Turkey. Usually, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are housed in the company premises; this requires hardware cost and constant maintenance by dedicated IT teams.  Using the next generation ERP solution, enterprises of all sizes can host their ERPs on any cloud platform. It saves hardware cost and reduces the constant maintenance requirement for the infrastructure.

Using the Cloud-based SAP HANA ERP solution, it would offer the enterprises a commercial ERP platform that can support different types of complexities depending on the industry. For complete integrity, the ERP solution can fully be integrated with the Tier-1 grade Global transit service and with cloud connect.

Sparkle’s Data Center is located in Yenibosna, Turkey. It’s one of the largest and sophisticated locations to house all data centers. The range of technology solutions provided by the Sparkle caters to different multinational and domestic enterprises.