• IP Infusion offers a network operating system (NOS) software for its open and disaggregated wireless backhaul solution, the OpenSoftHaul.

Infra solutions

IP Infusion is a prominent provider of network disaggregation solutions for telecom and data communications operators. The company recently publicized that it is one of the best-positioned companies by the Telecom Infra Projects (TIP). TIP is a Wireless Backhaul (WBH) Project Group to offer a network operating system (NOS) software for its open and disaggregated wireless backhaul solution, the OpenSoftHaul.

New data-driven services

The new data-driven services and the exponential growth of several mobile devices and mobile data traffic has outpaced legacy backhaul networks’ capacity. Installation of the number of backhaul equipment at tower sites will increase site rental costs and market time. However, parallel investments in radio technologies and the overlapping router will boost cost inefficiencies.

TIP’s WBH Project Group

TIP’s WBH Project Group works with industry leaders to build an OpenSoftHaul solution to offer future-proof capacity. The open, disaggregated solutions will boost 5G deployments via the convergence of IP and Microwave technologies. This initiative is being led by Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, Axiata, MTN, and Telefónica that jointly developed the standard requirements for the OpenSoftHaul product, with the target to have specification-compliant solutions available for RFPs in 2021.

Future planning

The TIP project is planning to offer a disaggregated Indoor Unit (IDU) as part of the OpenSoftHaul solution in which a whitebox can handle microwave and router functionalities. Further, the solution will reduce cabinet space requirements, power consumption, and configuration complexities.

Expert views

Atsushi Ogata, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at IP Infusion, commented: “We are honored to be named for TIP’s OpenSoftHaul solution. Mobile data traffic demand is driving the need for the industry to invest in backhaul networks to deliver much needed capacity.”

He further added, “Open and disaggregated architecture, coupled with SDN-based transport architecture, leads to higher performance, operational and cost advantages. Our contribution to the OpenSoftHaul solution will give service providers the high, scalable capacity to meet the requirements for 5G and support the exponential growth of mobile data traffic.”

David Hutton, Chief Engineer at Telecom Infra Project, commented: “We applaud IP Infusion for its continued contributions to TIP and the Wireless Backhaul Project Group’s objective to build OpenSoftHaul solutions.”

He further added, “With support from IP Infusion and other industry leaders, we will be able to accelerate innovation, secure quick deployment of future features, run different software flavors, and expand the pool of suppliers in the network supply chain which will benefit the entire industry.”