• Both aim to simplify and streamline communications and operational processes organization-wide.
  • Workspace ONE allows IT to deliver any app simply and securely on any device with integrated access control, automation, management and analytics, and remote support.

WorkJam, a digital workplace platform specifically designed for companies with frontline workers, announced its alliance with VMware, a leading software company providing cloud and virtualization services. The collaboration aims to bring together WorkJam communication, learning, task management, open shift management tools, and VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

With market leaders embracing Bring-Your-Own (BYO) and Corporate-Owned and Personally-Enabled (COPE) device initiatives, the merger will empower firms to offer consistent and engaging digital employee experience, reduce costs and boost productivity. The planned interoperability was announced in conjunction with the first day of NRF 2022, the biggest annual trade show in retail.

Workspace ONE is an intelligent platform that allows IT to deliver any app simply and securely on any device with integrated access control, automation, management and analytics, and remote support. With effective use of WorkJam’s data on time and attendance, Workspace ONE consumers will be able to limit access to sensitive corporate content on devices such as inventory management and Buy Online, Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) apps – when workers are not on the clock.

When not on the clock, workers will still have access to their COPE or BYO device to access non-work features and individual data, as well as non-sensitive corporate content such as shift scheduling tools and HR apps.

With the collaboration of WorkJam and VMware Workspace ONE, employers of frontline workforces will be able to:

  • Ensure a compliant and reliable employee experience across the firm.
  • Enhance productivity and retention via a unified employee experience.
  • Streamline communications and operational procedures organization-wide.
  • Enhance workplace culture via incentivized learning in the flow and upskilling.

Expert take

Rich Halbert, Chief Strategy Officer at WorkJam, said, “Frontline workers need to access productivity tools via multiple touch points throughout the day, which can cause serious risk for both security and productivity if not handled thoughtfully. That’s why WorkJam and VMware are coming together.” He added, “As businesses continue to navigate change in a time of technological advancement, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to prioritize clarity, accessibility, and security.”

Edward (Ed) Durbin, Director of Global Retail Industry Group at Vmware, said, “Empowered and digitally connected employees can make all the difference for retailers.” He added, “BYO and COPE policies enable retailers to redefine the employee experience and maintain a competitive advantage. Together with WorkJam, we are powering the future of digital workspaces to help our customers better deploy BOYD and COPE with the privacy employees demand and the enhanced data security that IT requires. Armed with the necessary tools to make their jobs easier and more productive, employees can transform the retail experience from the inside out.”