D-Link launched its all-new DGS-1250 Series Smart Managed Switches that is powered with 10G uplink ports, PoE output, high port density, multiple management interfaces, and advanced security features. The DGS-1250 Series smart managed switches will assist in providing cost-efficient and flexible solutions when it comes to expanding the current business network. Many of the management features are also added with the D-link Network Assistant (DNA) and along with the support of CLI* and SNMP that can even work with the D-Link D-View 7.0 or other NMS will allow for more easier integration and management of the complete network. The new D-link series will also be equipped with full L2 features that will be including IGMP snooping, port mirroring, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) and L3 lite static routing.

All the models include four built-in 10G SFP slots, with a higher level of bandwidth connections. Increased level of support for the IEEE 802.3af/at and increased PoE budget up to 370 watts that allow PoE models DGS-1250-28XMP and DGS-1250-52XMP to power more devices and install remote locations.

Types of models in the DGS-1250 Series Managed Switches include DGS-1250-28X: 4*10GE SFP , 24GE; DGS-1250-52X: 4*10GE SFP , 48 GE; DGS-1250-28XMP: 4*10GE SFP , 24 PoE GE, 370 Watts; and DGS-1250-52XMP: 4*10GE SFP , 48 PoE GE, 370 Watts. Additional features include static routing, Auto Voice VLAN, and Surveillance Mode. D-Link is a global leader in networking that improves connectivity for people, and cities that need computer solutions and technology. The innovative products are all set to provide networking solutions and technology for all types of consumers ranging from small to medium scale businesses. The network solution provider implements and supports unified network solutions that can integrate the capabilities of switching, wireless, IP, and cloud-based network management. D-Link is a Taiwan based company that has to grow to be a global leader in networking with 2,000 employees in 60 countries.