VMware that has been trying to refine its business space, the company currently assist the enterprises in building and managing their virtual machines in data centers and looking to shift in managing the virtual machines wherever they live whether on-premises or public cloud. The company recently decided that they would be buying Avi Networks, a six-year-old startup that is assisting the enterprises in balancing the complete application delivery. It can be for the cloud or on-premises environment; the acquisition seems to the best of a kind because of the round of expertise, both the companies have been tight-lipped about the purchase price.

Avi Networks claims that the traditional applications demand load balancing appliances for a complete scenario that tends to satisfy when the applications didn’t change much along with that most of them lived on-premises in the data centers. Avi that provides the workload balancing as the business intensive application is moving to public cloud domains that include AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. The tool not only balances the software requirements based on location or need, but it tracks the data behind requirements. VMware is looking for ways that can assist the companies in managing their infrastructure; the workload for modern applications is distributed with both on-premises and cloud participation.

Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President, and general manager for networking and the security business unit at VMware added that the acquisition is all set to improve the virtual cloud network vision, wherein the software-defined distributed network architecture spans across the entire infrastructure adding the required programmability and automation of the public cloud together. The added advantage of using the  Avi Networks, the users will be able to respond to new opportunities and threats and new business models along with that deliver services to all applications and data.  Avi Networks had raised $115 million in funding and was founded in 2012. The customer group includes Telegraph Media Group, Cisco, Hulu, and Deutsche Bank that will become part of the VMware portfolio.