8×8, a unified cloud communication, collaboration, and data access tools provider, along with MLL Telecom, a leading network solution provider, recently launched an 8×8 X Series. 8×8 X Series is a one platform Unified Communications (UC) solution to communicate, collaborate, and access data from peers and experts. It gives businesses the ability to improve productivity and increase engagement.

Employees working in contact center management traditionally had to go through a bundle of information before finding a satisfactory answer for the customer, or promised a callback once complete details were available. It frustrated the customer and simultaneously stressed out the contact center agent. A contact center is the frontline of business information, and a lack of information management can mar productivity.

8×8 X Series offering makes it easier for the user to get information from peers and experts without compromising on the outcome for the customer. This, in turn, will assist the contact center agents in giving a quick turnaround time. 

Patrick Russell, Director of Product Marketing, 8×8, asserted that constant toggling for information is a challenge for contact center agents as each navigation login changes from system to system. Legacy systems that aren’t connected can be a substantial cognitive challenge, which can reduce effectiveness and increase stress.

X Series offers different options based on the business requirements:

1. X2 features include unlimited calling to 14 countries, mobile application, personal call analytics, and integration with SFDC, Zendesk, Netsuite and Dynamics, and Single sign-on.

2. X4 will have capabilities such as unlimited calling to 47 countries, Barge, monitor or whisper, call quality reporting, and operator switchboard.

3. X6 will come with capabilities such as Expert connect, CRM pop for context, granular search analytics, graphical call display, and post-call surveys.

4. X8 provides a multichannel contact center, quality management, speech analytics, co-browse, and predictive outbound dialer.

X Series enables the businesses to bring video conferencing into the agent interface through video meetings. Therefore, a contact center agent can be trained and supervised, even from a remote environment.