Avaya’s engage event this year was conducted between 20th and 23rd of January. The conference was held for the customers and partners introducing the latest technological developments in the Avaya platform. Advanced Solutions Architects at Avaya was led by the Ahmed Helmy and we decided to know what will be recent developments that might be affecting the development of Unified Communication (UC). In recent years Avaya has been investing in research and development to make the platform evolved making it more flexible and accessible for the customers. Since each of the customers follows a unique approach towards business growth, Avaya wants to expand the solution framework to help the customers deal with different challenges. Enterprises explore a lot more business activities than previously seen making it a challenge for Avaya to develop solutions.  Avaya is just isn’t about disruptive technology but it’s more moving towards the end user challenges that can deliver better performance.

The Avaya Intelligent Xperience or better we can call Avaya IX that encompasses the entire portfolio of the solutions. It can cater to the demand for contact center, Unified Communication, and collaboration and conveys the convergence of business communication to an intelligent platform.  The Avaya IX portfolio includes various offerings such as IX digital workplace, IX mobility, and IX digital contact center.  The Avaya IX portfolio also includes the Artificial intelligence options that can offer bots for the virtual assistance and real-time transcription offering with conversational intelligence. For the sales team, the platform offers intelligent pairing to promote the customer’s engagement.

The Avaya IX portfolio of communication offers various cloud services such as a Contact center as a service and Unified Communication as a Service. Using the Avaya OneCloud platform, enterprises of all sizes will be able to benefit from the flexibility, security, and efficiency of the cloud options available.