Consolidated Communications, the frontrunner in providing broadband and business communications solutions, recently broke the news of the launch of ProConnect in association with Webex. The new solution is poised to enhance an award-winning, cloud-based unified communications platform by offering industry-leading collaboration tools.

The impact of ProConnect

ProConnect by Consolidated Communications is engineered to offer advanced communication and collaboration tools that connect users with continuous access to information anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.

Webex adds messaging, calling, and meeting work streams into a single app and optimizes productivity. Additionally, teams have the leverage to collaborate securely and reliably with anyone within the organization or outside.

What does ProConnect offer?

ProConnect offers user-friendly features from the cloud, supporting businesses to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and generate revenue. With comprehensive Webex capabilities, the user gets a one-stop-shop alternative to cater to their various collaboration needs.

On the technology front, mobile apps by ProConnect, connect’s any network irrespective of the user being at home, in the office, or anywhere else. The solution features follow the user, moving seamlessly from an office phone to a mobile device – even in mid-call.

The experts take

“Businesses of every size have seen the value of and benefits of their teams collaborating with tools that are easy to use,” said Travis Graham, Vice President of Commercial and Carrier Product for Consolidated. “ProConnect with Webex gives companies the advanced features they need to run their business without interruption. Teams can focus on their goals rather than wasting time deciding which meeting platform to use. As companies continue to explore hybrid workforces, they need flexible solutions that work seamlessly through location and device transitions.”