illumy has announced the launch of its hyper-communications platform. It lets the users message, group chat, email, voice call, or video call anyone in the world. The app can be used by even those who don’t use illumy, and it’s the only ad-free app that never collects or sells any of the data.

The platform is designed with a vision to unify vocal, textual, and visual communications into a single seamless, carrier, and device-agnostic experience that works on any device, thus solving the problems of outdated and fragmented legacy communications tools.

Illumy’s next-generation platform now has over 7,000 satisfied beta clients and is powered by a diverse team from RingCentral and Zoom, including engineering, product management, and marketing leadership.

“People have been tolerating a disjointed and cumbersome mashup of privacy-infringing, fragmented and siloed communication technologies for far too long,” said Matt McGinnis, Founder and CEO of illumy. “The way we communicate now is more real-time and multimedia-rich than ever before, but we keep trying to force it into old, two-dimensional tech that doesn’t allow for rich information exchange. illumy is creating a deeper, more connected communication experience that puts people first through its seamless messaging, email and calling features.”

Illumy has come up with a proprietary platform that reinvents communications by putting people at the center of the communication experience. The platform is capable of providing extreme flexibility and best-in-all performance capabilities at a tremendous lower rate than any existing communications solution. It focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technology that connects the telco and software worlds for the first time.

illumy features the following:

  • One convenient location for unified communications: The platform enables the members to message, group email, chat, video call, or voice call anyone in the world. Users who are not yet on illumy can still use the app wherever they go, or they can communicate via smartphone, tablet, computer, or on any device with an internet connection irrespective of the location.
  • Impeccable privacy and security: People are not a product for illumy. It prioritizes people’s privacy, unlike other communications websites and apps that claim data and content as their own without consent. Illumy members hold complete ownership and control of personal information and whatever they share, while it makes sure that all communications are encrypted end-to-end.
  • Backward-compatible: illumy is capable of working seamlessly with all 5 billion email addresses in the world, along with traditional PSTN calling. Members are facilitated to make and receive landline and mobile phone calls via their illumy phone numbers.

“illumy’s sophisticated, dynamic team has built a full-spectrum communications platform that no one has even come close to creating,” said Niel Levonius, Vice President of Products, illumy. “With next-generation technology — including one of the largest implementations of WebSockets in the world — and industry-leading security, illumy is completely redefining what it means to virtually communicate.”