Mitel is one of the giants in the telecom business world, through acquisitions and organic growth over the years Mitel has experienced exponential growth over the years. Mitel last year was acquired by Searchlight for a staggering $2billion. The company had recognized the growth and untapped potential for the UCaaS market and cloud technology. Rami Hubby, VP of Cloud Sales International at Mitel said the main motivation behind the Mitel in UCaaS is the market trend and the current solution we have in terms of cloud. Mitel had cloud solutions for some time available for all sized companies. The Mitel UCaaS recently achieved a massive feat of 1.3 million seats ranking second in the domain.

In recent years, we have seen a rapid shift towards cloud adoption, but still, it lacks in the competitive domain when we see business critical applications or data. On-premise data centers are going to stay, but the cloud will be an improved alternative for application deployment. In Unified Communication the technology is a lot more dynamic than other applications, we have seen, due to the requirement of the improved capacity of communication.

Mr. Rami Houbby stressed on the factor that the sales and marketing for cloud technology differ depending on the requirements.   With the cloud, the deals are much easier to be signed. Cloud follows a different mentality for adoption, deployment, and implementation completely. Suppose the enterprise needs phone installed instead of traditionally sending an engineer to install the phone, using the UCaaS it can be remotely installed using the cloud users. When it comes to enterprises, cloud technology introduces much simple kind of training that completely changes the perception of hardware in Unified communication. Enterprises that are adopting the cloud technology are moving towards profitable technology options that will provide with recurring revenue. The maintenance cost will be close to zero, and the hardware requirement will drastically reduce across the UC technology.