VOSS Solutions recently announced the general availability of VOSS M2UC, a new migration software solution. The migration software offers a simple and effective antidote to service providers and enterprises to migrate their legacy telephony systems to the latest Unified Communication (UC) solutions. VOSS Solutions assists the businesses to migrate, monitor, manage and analyze the entire cloud and the on-premise UC environment.

M2UC is designed to provide safe, seamless, and efficient migrations for all businesses using legacy solutions, supporting them in managing various complications and device strategies.  

Key Features of M2UC:

1. The data schema design is based on the PostgreSQL version 10 plus JSONB database. Version 10 provides improved data searching and processing, along with increased efficiency.

2. Project containers are designed in such a manner that they enable teams to manage multiple migration projects simultaneously.

3. It adds the capability to diagnose issues and pause the process if required. VOSS added that it’s all set to improve scheduling and rollout of UC platforms.

4. M2UC migration solution will provide better automation as the users can now map and update the fields.

The VOSS M2UC solution proffers a user-friendly dashboard, which allows the businesses to use the tool effectively and at a faster rate. Henry Barton, VP of Operations Strategy, VOSS, asserted that the company is very proud of the new solution as it delivers powerful performance and adds value to businesses. The technology majorly reduces complexity when it comes to the UC migration process.     

What makes M2UC different from other migration solutions is it’s robust and an added automation feature that imparts the benefit of accuracy. The effectiveness of automation even reduces the need for internal resources, and a predictable rule-based migration makes it less risky. M2UC minimizes the risk of outages caused by errors and data security issues; and analyzes the data to suit UC requirements.  

Irwin Lazar, Vice President and Service Director, Nemertes Research, stated that though the UC industry hasn’t seen any new vendor emergence recently, the existing vendors such as VOSS, Kurmi, and Unimax are expanding their current offerings with the additional administrative tools.

Therefore, the most crucial part of any given solution is to minimize the disruption, as the customers want an antidote that allows them to migrate smoothly while curtailing downtime.