• Yeastar modernizes mission-critical communication systems for consumers.
  • The company launched its new P-Series PBX System.

Yeastar introducing new features

The world’s top-notch provider of PBX Systems, specially designed for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and an innovator of unified communications (UC) solutions, Yeastar modernizes mission-critical communication systems for consumers. The company made it public about its new P-Series PBX System, introducing WebRTC Audio and amp; Video Calling, Video Conferencing, Remote Access Service, and more enhanced features to elevate work from anywhere communications for SMEs.

P-Series PBX System is an enhanced PBX-Plus-More solution with more possibilities that comprises a wide range of services and functionalities, including video conferencing, voice, collaboration, and applications. This advance update makes P-Series PBX System more versatile.

Take a look at P-Series PBX System’s new features.

Video conferencing solution

Yeastar’s integrated web-based video conferencing solution is specially designed for SMEs to interact and collaborate in real-time. For instant communication, a video conferencing solution allows face-to-face meetings to get team members and consumers together irrespective of their locations. The conference could be conducted from any corner of the globe.

P-Series PBX System’s video conferencing solution allows screen sharing and team chat to efficiently conduct multi-party virtual meetings to get things done quicker, build stronger business relationships, and enhance team collaboration.

Advanced Linkus UC Clients

Powered via a set of applications for web browsers, Windows, iOS, MAC, and Android, Linkus UC Clients allow P-Series PBX users to turn desktops and mobile phones into office extensions easily. It also supports audio and video calling from a web browser. Linkus UC Clients help one stay connected and productive whether one is on the go, in the office, or working from home.

Remote Access Service

For P-Series PBX System users, Remote Access Service allows anytime-anywhere productivity instantly and securely. This hassle-free remote working solution combines seamless components to offer a consistent in-office UC experience from any device and from anywhere.

Expert view

Prince Cai, Vice President of Yeastar, commented: “With this upgrade, we are shaping the P-Series into a more sophisticated solution to support today’s agile workforce and tomorrow’s hybrid workplace.”

He further added, “In the future, we are looking to add cloud-based and software deployment options, more UC capabilities, and more 3rd-party integrations to bring “boundless” communications for SMEs.”


Yeastar will be broadcasting live on its YouTube channel and website on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, to show these new features in detail.