Internet of Things (IoT) devices are making their presence felt in the technology world with the development of hardware and networking. Such aided technology is driving the world of data with analytics proving the decision making a channelized process. IoT technology has even affected the mobile application deployment and development. Here are the certain key technologies that will drive the development of Mobile applications.

1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are changing the way applications are interacting with users.  Many of the applications over the span of the next 5 years will support the Virtual reality for gaming and shopping applications. Challenges will remain with the networking technology but it will also be an exciting time for the app developers giving them a capability to improve the user experience for all the applications.

2. Wearable Will be A Single Stop Solution

Wearable technology will not be only for measuring the heart rate or distance or calories. It will be a solution for you to integrate the total imperative applications on wearable technology. Edge Cloud will also make the performance seamless without any latency. Cloud will help in combining the technology on the wearable devices.

3. Insight, security, and Customization

IoT devices can create a set of insightful data giving the users a list of customized solutions. Sensors in different devices can help the enterprises provide extensive solutions to the users at any given time. IoT security is still under the scrutiny after the recent revelations of the default password being set by the makers. Customization will depend on the insights and security of the devices and it’s for the enterprises to reduce the challenges by providing the customizations.