Perkuto, the top-rated Marketo operations agency, announced its SCORE Architecture, which comprises pre-tested marketing operations acceleration programs. The modern SCORE Architecture, capitalizing on the intellectual property of Perkuto and comprehensive work in more than 1,500 Marketo instances, provides the basis for faster results, giving marketing operations leaders confidence in their plans and peace of mind with their infrastructure. Perkuto is also entering into the mold by sophisticatedly backing its SCORE Architecture’s accuracy, thus giving industry’s only “error-free or it’s free” guarantee.

The launch is happening timely, thus addressing a need for leaders in marketing operations to do more with less. Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture provides marketing operations leaders a solid base to develop and expand on, and in less time, with tight budgets, economic instability, and continued pressure to demonstrate marketing automation ROI (Return on Investment). SCORE Architecture offers a cost-effective solution, particularly suitable for new Marketo customers. Specifically for those customers who have recently inherited a legacy, for example, organizations that want assurance that their instances are focused on best practices or anyone who wants to refresh their programs leveraging Perkuto’s seasoned expertise.

“Our SCORE Architecture gives marketers the infrastructure they need to accelerate results by leveraging Perkuto’s deep knowledge of Marketo, with pre-built, proven programs that are reliable, flexible, and agile,” said Justin Norris, Director of Solutions Architecture at Perkuto and Lead Architect on the project. “The various programs allow marketing operations leaders the ability to focus on more advanced, higher-level work, rather than on the often time-consuming foundational aspects of an instance build. Because all programs are pre-tested and guaranteed by Perkuto, marketers can have peace of mind, knowing that our SCORE Architecture is setting them up for success and helping them to prioritize and optimize their time.”

The term SCORE stands for Marketo programs like – Scalable, Cohesive, Organized, Reliable, and Efficient that states Perkuto’s marketing operations architecture. Each of these SCORE Architecture programs addresses the core functional needs of marketing operations – data management and system integration, demand generation, lead management, and reporting and analytics. All the specified programs are pre-tested, quality-assured, and customized to meet any organization’s particular requirements. Thus, providing a cost-effective, faster implementation option for marketing operations leaders.

“We’re thrilled to launch our SCORE Architecture, as it provides the first guaranteed marketing operations infrastructure specifically for Marketo,” said Michelle Miles, VP of Operations. “Perkuto is committed to being the best resource possible for marketing operations leaders. Our SCORE Architecture is not only cost-efficient, but allows marketers to have confidence in their marketing operations programs, implement them faster, and improve results.”