• Loopio, the RFP response software leader, and Seismic, the sales enablement company, join hands to support companies respond to sales inquiries in a faster and improved manner.

On November 12, 2020, Loopio, the frontrunner in RFP (Request for Proposal) response software, broke the news of partnering with Seismic a leader in sales enablement solution and marketing orchestration platform. The two entities are joining hands to support enterprises by offering state-of-the-art class buying experience for customers.

USP of the two entities

Loopio and Seismic are deployed by a range of global organizations, including those listed under Fortune 50, to enhance their potential to respond to all types of customer queries. This union develops the first-of-its-kind bridge between sales enablement and RFP response solutions, making it the only comprehensive solution for sales content management, proposal creation, and delivery.

Expert take

Zak Hemraj, Loopio CEO and Co-Founder said, “We found ourselves in conversations with companies who were looking for both a proposal response platform and sales enablement solution.”

“Providing an end-to-end solution will help sales teams immensely. It makes it easier to leverage the content they need throughout every stage of the sales cycle,” Hemraj added, “We’re proud to be partnering with an industry-leading company like Seismic to drive efficiency for sales teams, and help them focus on the work that matters.”

Seismic CEO and Founder Doug Winter said, “At Seismic, we’re always striving to enhance the customer experience and add value to any company’s sales and marketing tech stack. Our partnership with Loopio does just that.” He added, “Our customers know that time is of the essence when responding to a new sales opportunity, and now they’re equipped with a competitive advantage thanks to this new, seamless integration with Loopio.”

Partnership story

Both the companies had decided to come together in 2020, post receipt of feedback and validation from several mutual customers on how a joint solution could boost efficiency.

As a part of the partnership, the two companies have introduced a new integration between their platforms. This enables companies using both platforms to easily pull sales-related content from Seismic to Loopio to better respond to RFP.

What more?

Seismic customers who receive and respond to RFPs, with Security Questionnaires and Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQ) as a part of the sales cycle, the incorporation with Loopio supports them to easily automate and manage daunting tasks related to the response process. This adds feasibility quotient to the teams and helps scale creating high-quality proposals for sales opportunities.