Supply chain over the years has seen several data breaches, from British Airways to Intel that started providing security patches for various software to curb the security risk. One of the leading outsourcing company of India Wipro recently was hit by hackers. Wipro is currently investigating on the reports that its own internal IT systems have hacked and that is used as a platform to launch several attacks on the firm’s customer. The incident recently came in light when sources told Kerbs on Security that adversaries were using Wipro’s System and had been inside the Wipro system for months.

Both the adversaries then declared their own findings based on the security analysis; one told that at least 11 other firms had been attacked after viewing file folders on the backend infrastructure containing the client names. The second adversary had different finding saying that Wipro’s corporate email system has been compromised for some time and now trying to build out a new email network.

Wipro issued a statement saying that it’s currently investigating the advanced phishing campaign targeting its employees. The firm said that we had detected potentially abnormal activity in a few employee accounts on our network due to an advanced phishing campaign.  After learning about the attack, we have promptly begun an investigation about the same, identify the affected users, devised remedial steps and mitigate the potential risks.

The outsourcing giant is set to leverage the industries leading cybersecurity practices and collaborating with the partner ecosystem to collect and monitor advanced threat intelligence for improving the security posture. Wipro said that it has also hired an independent forensic team to assist in the investigation, to monitor the enterprise and infrastructure at the highest level of alertness.  Many of the Wipro customers cover industry level requirements like oil, gas, automotive, aerospace and defense along with banking and healthcare organizations among other industries, the news of security breach is all set to affect the revenue growth of Wipro.